Unique Tyrannosaurus Skeleton-Shaped Radiator

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Thermosaurus by Art. Lebedev Studio 1 Unique Tyrannosaurus Skeleton Shaped Radiator
This unique radiator was designed by Art. Lebedev Studio, as shown in the picture above, the radiator has design resembles one of Tyrannosaurus family. This is very interesting since the Tyrannosaurus skeleton detail really paid attention, ranging from skull, ribs, tail bones, spine until legs. Remarkably, in addition to providing unique great design, this radiotar is also energy-saving and efficient way to make your room feel warm. With this radiator, at least, the corner of your room will not look empty now, each eye will be drawn to the Thermosaurus and become the most favorite angles. Finally, if you are a person who likes to unique design and adventurous, Thermosaurus is ideal for you.

Thermosaurus by Art. Lebedev Studio 2 Unique Tyrannosaurus Skeleton Shaped Radiator

2 Photos of the Unique Tyrannosaurus Skeleton-Shaped Radiator

Thermosaurus by Art. Lebedev Studio_2Thermosaurus by Art. Lebedev Studio_1

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  1. Deidri says:

    I would like to know the price of the Thermosaurus by Art. Lebedev Studio_1 shown in your catalog above. This is something my family and I think my brother-in-law would love in his garden apartment. Please advise.

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