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Baker Sofa by Finn Juhl_1

1951 Classic Sofa with Walnut or Teak

Originally designed in 1951, this sofa is then brought back to life by incorporating modern elements. Typical of the 1950s classic shape is very pronounced in the design, little feet is one of them. Designers using wool fabric, walnut or teak as the main material. Designed by Finn Juhl, here is the Baker Sofa.

Pac Man Door Decor Ideas

Outdoor Cross-Stitched with Pac Man Figure

This is a very interesting creations. Fill the empty cavity between the cavities of the wire with the cool cross-stitched Pac Man. Anyone that pass through it would have slowed down for a moment to see these awesome Pac Man. This cool Pac Man you can see on a street in Milan, Italy. At least, it teaches us to always think creatively to take advantage of everything around us, then […]