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Home Wallpaper Patterns_2

Home Wallpaper Patterns Collection from Kirath Ghundoo

This solution is used if we’ve made ​​dizzy by the replacement of wall paint, changing from one color to another, or perhaps thinking about paint color combination that are most suitable for our homes. This is when we advise you to use wallpaper. Why wallpaper, because wallpaper now have many choices, style, type, material and quality and also easy to find in the market. Right now wallpaper is mostly easy […]

Muse Lamp by Sandro Santantonio_2

Soothing Lighting Effect of Muse Lamp by Sandro Santantonio

These beautiful lamps have a shape and color that are enriched with colorful inspiration, artistic and fun. It is Muse, a lamps collection designed by Sandro Santantonio Design for lighting company AXO Light. The collection consists of hanging lamp, wall lamp and table lamp. Material used is a metal structure that is covered by stretch fabric, do not worry there are dirty on the fabric, because the fabric material is […]