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Vintage Modern Bathroom Decor by Irina Schastlivaya_3

Vintage Merge with Modern Feel in Bathroom Decoration

Combining vintage and modern concept almost impossible to say, both have the opposite characteristics. But when it became a reality, then the bathroom decoration below is sure to make you in awe. The decoration is designed by Irina Schastlivaya, the bathroom decor has created such a invaluable work of art. Great attention to detail led to a strong vintage and modern feel without clashing with each other. Tiles, glass doors, […]

salon chair collection

Best Salon Chair for Best First Impression

One of the main components in the design of a hair salon is a chair. Customer is rarely noticed to the chair, but have we gone to the salon and sat in a chair that is hard and uncomfortable. How it feels? surely in that moment our eyes look to the chair on which we sit. Comfort is main key for customers, and the seat is the best place to […]