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Vintage Modern Bathroom Decor by Irina Schastlivaya_23

Vintage Merge with Modern Feel in Bathroom Decoration

Combining vintage and modern concept almost impossible to say, both have the opposite characteristics. But when it became a reality, then the bathroom decoration below is sure to make you in awe. The decoration is designed by Irina Schastlivaya, the bathroom decor has created such a invaluable work of art. Great attention to detail led to a strong vintage and modern feel without clashing with each other. Tiles, glass doors, […]

Konnex Bookshelf from Florian Gross_10

5 Bookcase / Bookshelves to store your book and beautify your home interior

Bookcase is furniture to store a books, magazines and etc, as well as accessories to beautify the home interior. Neat looks, orderly to the books and magazines, make the room feel more comfortable. If you are someone who likes to read, large bookcase and easily accessible is your choice, but if you want a bookcase, more as part of the room decor, then you should choose an artistic bookcase with […]