ARCO AD4610 Lamp by Romain Duclos

Modern Minimalist Standing Floor Lamp with Concrete Foot

The designer designed this lamp with minimalist modern shape as basic structure. The minimalist shape is seen on the metal frame and the modern impression seen in the lamp shade with a chrome color. As a foot, designer use a gray concrete, it is sounds a little weird, but actually gray concrete is great idea to this lamp design. This lamp was designed by designer Romain Duclos and inspired by […]

Under Shelf Wrap Rack

Smart Kitchen Organize To Store Under The Shelf

There are times when we need to wrap our food. For example: food that you want to keep in refrigerator, your child food, and food for traveling. Wrap the food is good to keep the taste, vitamins, and keep it stay clean. Usually my mom purchases different brands of food wrappers because it offers discounts and whatever. If you want to make your food wrapper stay organized in one place, […]