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ARCO AD4610 Lamp by Romain Duclos

Modern Minimalist Standing Floor Lamp with Concrete Foot

The designer designed this lamp with minimalist modern shape as basic structure. The minimalist shape is seen on the metal frame and the modern impression seen in the lamp shade with a chrome color. As a foot, designer use a gray concrete, it is sounds a little weird, but actually gray concrete is great idea to this lamp design. This lamp was designed by designer Romain Duclos and inspired by […]

Apartment Leopoldo by Maurício Karam_13

Small Apartment with Charming Spacious Look Interior

This small apartment proves that small room is not always synonymous with a minimalist design. Maurício Karam successfully designing a Apartment Leopoldo in Sao Paulo, an apartment with a 45 square-meter area with a charming interior, modern, spacious look and away from the minimalist design. Designer eliminate some of the barriers to get a view without restriction between one room to another room while maintaining privacy restrictions. This beautiful design […]