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Scandinavian Interior Style_4

Warm Black and White Interior in Scandinavian Style

This wonderful black and white interior is one of the Scandinavian interior style. Home is decor with a natural feel, wood and natural white color. Friendly shades are felt in this home, we can find decorative plants, fur on armchair and carpets made ​​of animal skins. Whereas black and white alloys can be found in furniture such as chairs, sofas and tables. More detail, you will also find classic elements […]

Warm Living Room with Scandinavian Interior_6

30 warm living room interior designs with Scandinavian style

Let’s create a warmer atmosphere to the living room with a Scandinavian-style interiors. These warm living room ideas is for those of you who love the beauty of the interior.

Nendo Collection by Bisazza Bagno_7

Nendo Collection: Minimalist Bathroom Furniture

These minimalist bathroom furniture collection is designed by using the Larch wood material, if you know this wood, can be sure you can already imagine the warmth and elegance of natural shades of gold finish. Presented in minimalist design, light and clean, this charming collection are ready to create a modern contemporary bathroom with a calm nuances and a little touch of Japanese style. Designed by Japanese design studio Nendo […]