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Nest Chair by Kirv_2

Modern Nest Garden Chair with Fabric Inside

Nest is a modern garden chair designed by Kirv, as the name suggests, this chair has a shape like a bird’s nest. Material electro-polished stainless steel shaped to follow the circle until it resembles a perfect bird’s nest. Ergonomic design with fabric inside promises comfort in it at least for 1 or 2 people. It also perfect as outdoor seating solution.

Bathroom Wall Tile Patterns_2

Luxury Royal Bathroom Wall Tile Patterns

This luxury antique bathroom wall tile patterns are from italian company Petracer. Tiles are designed with classic luxury with a theme, if I may call it, it is like the theme of European royal. Each tiles is formed with a white base with a diamond shape in the middle and made prominent. It takes a fairly large bathroom area if you want to make this bathroom tiles look more perfect, [...]