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Hostis by Iohanna Pani_6

Dining Room Furniture Sets Including Extendable Dining Table

It is cool dining room furniture sets from Iohanna Pani. Called the Hostis, the sets is consists of extendable / folding table, a chair and a broom-cloth hanger. The table is designed for multi-purpose in terms of space utilization, when in a closed state, the table can accommodate four people, and when open, the table can accommodate up to eight people.

Sumaré House by Isay Weinfeld_3

House with Ballet Room and Swimming Pool in Sao Paulo, Brazil by Isay Weinfeld

Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this house was designed by Isay Weinfeld. This house is designed for a graphic designer. The concept is a house with sufficient area for homeowners do the hobby activities and daily routine activities, such as ballet and swimming. The architect build the house with three floors, this basically two floors, the other one is the underground floor. Placed in the underground floor is caretaker’s quarters […]