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Corner Reading Area_4

Corner Reading Area Featuring Round Window Bookcase

This interesting corner is part of the urban cabin in Sao Paoplo, Brazil, designed by Brazilian designer Fabio Galeazzo. This corner is a reading area featuring round window bookcase, artistic recliner, round rugs, hammocks, chandeliers, wooden floors and colorful wall paint. As shown in the picture above, unconventional decor makes this reading area has a uniqueness that adds a nice aesthetic to all elements in the room. This is a […]

Stripe House by GAAGA Architects_13

Minimalist Three Levels Cube House in Leiden, Netherlands

Contemporary minimalist architecture is a good choice if you are a busy person who has to work from time to time and only have small site for build a house. You can see one of minimalist and unique contemporary house that designed by GAAGA Architects in Leiden, Netherlands. The compact Stripe House was built in 2012 and consists of 3 floors. Very small cornet plot is not a big challenge […]