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Corner Reading Area_1

Corner Reading Area Featuring Round Window Bookcase

This interesting corner is part of the urban cabin in Sao Paoplo, Brazil, designed by Brazilian designer Fabio Galeazzo. This corner is a reading area featuring round window bookcase, artistic recliner, round rugs, hammocks, chandeliers, wooden floors and colorful wall paint. As shown in the picture above, unconventional decor makes this reading area has a uniqueness that adds a nice aesthetic to all elements in the room. This is a […]

Col delle Nocci Villa_3

The Inspiring Rustic Mediterranean of Col delle Nocci Villa

No matter where we are in the world, this rustic villa in Italy, Col delle Nocci villa or Walnut Hill villa can be an inspiration if we are looking for a peaceful Mediterranean atmosphere in our home. The beautiful yet stunning villa is located in Castello di Reschio, in the countryside of Umbrian. The villa is run by Count Antonio Bolza and the two generations of the Count. The castle […]