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Bathroom Wall Decoration Ideas by Lasa Idea_8

26 bathroom wall decoration ideas uses bathroom wall cabinets – digital tv

Many ways you can do to beautify the bathroom. Walls decoration, floors, bathroom cabinets, mirrors, wallpaper, ceramics and all the furniture including bathtub are elements that you can exploit to get the best design for your bathroom. This time, we will provide inspiration to you how to beautify the bathroom walls through some pictures below. Most people are prefer simple styles, comfortable but still functional, just for example is the […]

2 Bar House by Feldman Architecture_6

Modern Young Family House in San Francisco Bay Area, California | 2 Bar House by Feldman Architecture

This modern house is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California and was designed by Feldman Architecture. The concept of this house was intended as residence for young couples with one or two children. As shown in the picture above, the architect tried to meet the needs of space for family get together, activities and play both inside and outside. The deck on the upper level provides a special […]