Small Home Innovation for Small Living Space

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Space becomes a common problem nowadays and it is very possible that human are no longer having more space to build a new home. Therefore, a collaboration by different institutions are made to serve an economic multifunction living space called Roll It. Led by the University of Karlsruhe, the home is in a form of simple tube with specific shapes of hole that can be used as a sofa, bed and even working table with only some rolling. On the wall part, we can find some cabinets as storage system. The inside part of the tube is made from wooden panel that make the room feel more spacious and comfortable.

Roll It 1 Small Home Innovation for Small Living Space

Window panels are applied around the tube, making the tube look bright and connected to the outer world. The home can be rolled and form a working table plus its chair. Adding a cushion will give so much more comfort when using the large table. When we roll it over 180 degree, there we will find a comfortable bed lied. The long and flat part of the tube can be used as a bed if we add a mattress on it. If we roll it again, then we will find a comfortable seating space we can use to read a book or relax our feet. In another part of the tube, we will find a kitchen plus its cabinet.

Tall the rooms can be functioned with only a rolling movement, if we roll the center part of the tube, then we will be given a specific holes pattern that can be functioned as bedroom, working room and many others. This innovation might need a lot of corrections, but it can be seen as a solution for small space we have in the modern day. Even though it is quite hard for us to apply the tube, but we can take some inspirations from Roll It home, so we can use our goods or furniture in various functions.

Roll It 2 Small Home Innovation for Small Living Space

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