Plans your backyard chicken coop with modern and portable chicken coop

Friday, June 3rd 2011. | Misc Designs

This is a new trend in raising chickens in urban homes. Adjusted with the urban environmental, something modern and portable. The two chicken coop below represent how the design can be modern and portable as today’s modern society need for something new to the chicken coop.

The first chicken coop design was designed by Matthew Hayward and Nadia Turan. Called the Nogg, This is egg-shaped chicken coop with modern style. Enough for 2-4 chickens in the same time (detailed is after the jump). The second is portable chicken coop from Andreas Stavropoulos of Chicken Cribs. Called portable because you need only take 30 minutes to assemble, it’s also easy to carry everywhere. It’s made of marine grade plywood, with plastic roof and steel hardware, it also have a roost area for two-three chickens.

Nogg Chicken Coop 4 Plans your backyard chicken coop with modern and portable chicken coop

The Nogg Chicken Coop Specs:
Name: nogg (Prototype 01A)
Designed by: Matthew Hayward and Nadia Turan
Engineered & hand made by: Matthew Hayward
Safe: Fox proof locks, latches and fixtures.
Ecological: Hand made from Cedar wood the nogg has a naturally fresh scent and is naturally resistant to bacteria
Easy to clean: With a large hatch there is easy access to the removable base tray inside.
Durable: Cedar wood was chosen for it’s strength and durability. As the nogg weathers it will get better with age.
Materials: Sustainably sourced Cedar wood, 316 stainless steel, glass & concrete base
Size: Height – 1.2 m x widest diameter – 80cm

Ref: chickencribs, nogg, coolhunting