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Bedding Sets » Modular Multifunctional Baby and Kids Cradle Design

Modular Multifunctional Baby and Kids Cradle Design

April 25, 2015 Category: Bedding Sets

This is a modular cradle, creative design, multifunctional and safely. Designed to match the growth and needs an active child. okay, how can this be called a multifunction, look at the picture below. This is a cradle with multiple functions.

Modular Cradle

At first it is both a cradle for baby, and a rocking-chair for parents, combined into one. As the child grows the cradle can be rotated 180° and turns into a children’s bed with a length of 140 cm. Use the bedrail as a boundary for greater safety.” Its white, modern shape and gentle swing allow kids to interact with the piece of furniture and create a strong bond with it.

Designed by Sina Gwosdzik and Jakob Dannenfeldt of Jäll & Tofta. Called Rocky Cradle.
Ref: freshome

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