Luxurious Villa Colani

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Inspired by designer Luigi Colani, here is the luxurious Villa Colani on the Spanish island of Majorca.

Luxurious Villa Colani 1 Luxurious Villa Colani

Luxurious Villa Colani_19

Luxurious Villa Colani 2 Luxurious Villa Colani

Photos Ref: luxist

Luxurious Villa Colani_4

20 Photos of the Luxurious Villa Colani

Luxurious Villa Colani_20Luxurious Villa Colani_19Luxurious Villa Colani_18Luxurious Villa Colani_17Luxurious Villa Colani_16Luxurious Villa Colani_15Luxurious Villa Colani_14Luxurious Villa Colani_13Luxurious Villa Colani_12Luxurious Villa Colani_11Luxurious Villa Colani_10Luxurious Villa Colani_9Luxurious Villa Colani_8Luxurious Villa Colani_7Luxurious Villa Colani_6Luxurious Villa Colani_5Luxurious Villa Colani_4Luxurious Villa Colani_3Luxurious Villa Colani_2Luxurious Villa Colani_1

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