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Ofiice » Krauss Maffei’s Comfortable Industrial Structured Office

Krauss Maffei’s Comfortable Industrial Structured Office

August 31, 2015 Category: Ofiice

Who says that an office is always having a boring interior? Professional look does not have to look awkward and it is not a sin to insert rows of plants or bright colors inside the office. This is what we can find in a German Company. Krauss Maffei that is located in Mexico. Since the office is located in the industrial building, then we will find the strong structure of industrial building. CasaPublica as the designer interior does not eliminate the industrial structure because it can make the office looks so unique and having strong character.

One of the highlighted aspects in the office is the leveling. Forget about the conventional two levels office. Remember when we are putting our shoe box inside a cabinet, then we will find such design in the office, two levels are built in a single large room. The two freestanding levels made with tough structure that is able to hold heavy equipment up to fifty tons. Rows of fresh plants are put inside the office. It looks contrast with the powerful industrial structure, but actually the plants are able to give a good balance, so the awkward industrial structure looks more comfortable and warm.

Blue and white are dominating most of the rooms including showroom. The ceiling of the showroom is made in blue-textured ceiling with some white ceiling holder that accidentally becomes an interesting accent on the blue ceiling.

The display cabinets are also made in blue color. Since the room concept is modern, then we will find glass and transparent material for the partition. Blue and white combination can be found in training room as well, blue ceiling and is still served in the room. A shocking blue accent comes from the modern blue projector table on the front part of the room.

Photos by Rafael Gamo
Ref: coolboom

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