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House Picture » Holiday Houses in Amagasett, NY by Bates Masi

Holiday Houses in Amagasett, NY by Bates Masi

August 27, 2015 Category: House Picture

This house is located in Amagasett, NY and situated in 2000sf built on 1.5acres. The house landscape are trees with green grass and a swimming pool in the front yard. On the terrace we will find a fireplace and shown at the picture above the front wall of the house is a glass wall, it is intended to get a view toward the outside of the house considering the house is functioned as a stopover while on holiday weekends. This stunning house was designed by architecture firm Bates Masi and interior designer Athena Calderone.

The dominant material used in this house is dark cedar. On the interior, the architects tried to incorporate a natural feel to get a balance with the landscape.

Robins Way Residence via enpundit.

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