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Cabinets » Great Clothing Storage Solutions

Great Clothing Storage Solutions

August 31, 2011 Category: Cabinets

Now you have no longer need to fear forgetting where you’ve put your clothes, Hierve have created a transparent clothing storage so you can easily see what you are looking for. This storage system is modular with a series of modules and a base that can be mixed together and configured according to your needs. Two types of bases, straight and basket, are available in four categories of modules for clean clothes, semi-clean clothes, laundry and accessories. Thing that makes us interested is a different color on each module that is equipped with good lighting effects. Other than as a clothing storage, these storage also can function as a decorative element. You can use it as a room divider, wide enough to separate the functions between one room with the other room if you set it side by side.

Clothing Storage Solutions

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