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Bathroom Ideas » Black and White Art Deco Bathroom by Jaime Hayon

Black and White Art Deco Bathroom by Jaime Hayon

December 17, 2015 Category: Bathroom Ideas

Many designers tried to combine retro and modern design, but not many of them are able to make the best impression. One of the designers that can make a perfect blend between retro and modern bathroom design is a Spanish designers, Jaime Hayon. He designed the bathroom for a company, Bisazza. The Art Deco bathroom is stealing the attention this year and his design can be a perfect example to represent the style.

Old is new, this is the impression we will get if we check this Art Deco bathroom. We will find so many classic shapes and touches that are combined with a modern twist. The sinks, toilets, shower enclosures, lamps, mirrors, bathtub and many others come in sleek modern style. We can find the retro style with the representation of diamond cut sink and the usage of platinum, gold, white and black colors.

The modern bathroom suites brings us to the glamorous 1930s era with the usage of luxurious materials and finish like ceramic and marble materials, aluminum cooper and chromed steel finish. It also offers feminine form and Scandinavian touch to make the bathroom suites more unique. One of the best combination can be seen on the mirror and sink. He combined modern mirror cut with the luxurious gold Art Deco frame. The sink is made from ceramic and marble, but completed with the modern and simple faucet.

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