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25 Combination of Green and Brown Colors for Interior Decorations

April 12, 2012 Category: Home Interior

Combines green and brown colors for interior decorating are often encountered, that two colors are often used as a guideline to get a soothing neutral colors. We know that green and brown is a color from the natural elements, green from natural surrounding and brown from the soil.

Some inspirational pictures that we got at the below is a proof that the two of colors is very harmonious to be combined. Just check these out, and if you are interested in applying for your interior, start it from the wall paint, it’s worth the selected color is bright green color, and then combine with the furniture (tables, chairs, cabinets, etc.) with a brown color, if you want more, combine the pendant, lighting, artwork, draperies, curtains and a few other interesting items with green or brown color to get personalized interior with calmness green and brown theme.

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