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Easy Tips, Living Room Ideas » 10 images how to combine living room and family room

10 images how to combine living room and family room

May 22, 2011 Category: Easy Tips, Living Room Ideas

Combine family room with a living room is smart way to maximize the room function of the house, particularly small house or minimalist apartment. This idea has been used by many homeowners with consideration, most guests who come are family or best friends. In family room, guests will feel at their own-home and stay for long time, relaxed and not so formal as in the living room.

Some images below are ideas how to combining family room with living room, several considerations look like, the number of family members (the determination of the room space), a little entertainment like lcd tv, carpet, sofa and some casual furniture.

First ideas, design by Linda Woodrum. LCD TV, sofa, accessories such as flower pots, fireplace, add a warm ambience.

family room combine living room

Linda Woodrum ref HGTV

Living room of Familia House Architectural by Kevin deFreitas Architect. Great corner sofa, fireplace under large LCD TV. Glass wall views out of the house.

Located in one room of the Amari Nova resort hotels in Pattaya, Thailand. Its simple yet functional. Clean in black and white colors.

For small apartment, sofa attached to the wall is a smart idea.


Wide carpet ready to accommodate your friends, 10-15 friends still remain comfortable. Ideas from COR.

From Natuzzi, it’s perfect example for family and living room.

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