Freestanding Idromassagio Bathtub_1

Freestanding Glass Idromassagio Bathtub as a Focal Point in the Bathroom

Bathtub is the focus in the bathroom and there isn’t any reason that bathtub should come in plain design. In the past, bathtub comes in unique design with a placement on the center. With the innovation of acrylic bathtub, it seems that the trend dragged the bathtub to the corner of the room or at least stuck on the wall. Well, unless we are having very limited space in our […]

Train Station Cottage_4

Wonderful Old Train Station Cottage

Creative idea how to change old place to a new different beautiful thing is always inspiring like this old train station that was converted into cottage. Usually the old train station will converted into a golf field or new train station, but this is something different. Holiday travelers who are looking for best panorama view will choose to stay in this cottage because the Mountain View is so wonderful.

Furniture from MobilFresno_13

Minimalist Living Room and Modern Furniture from MobilFresno

Sleek and minimal look for modern house is the current trend for the last decade. The idea is how to make clearness look house. Some minimalist houses are designed too plain with only using one or two dominant colors. And if you are planning to have minimalism design house or apartment, it is important to choose the right furniture to match with the theme and makes the house interior look […]

Luna by Sonntag & Friesacher_4

Slim Floor Lamps from Sonntag & Friesacher

This standing floor lamp has just 160 cm in height and 2 cm in weight, it has slim stunning design to illuminating your home interior. Called Luna Floor Lamps, this Sonntag and Friesacher‘s lamp is made of brushed anodized aluminum. Check these out.

Toda House by Kimihiko Otada_7

Japan Watch Tower House Looks a Like in Hiroshima, Japan by Kimihiko Otada

Looking innovative inspiration for future house? Toda House in Hiroshima, Japan can inspire everyone. The house takes form of Bird nest and the designed decided to elevate the building few meters above the ground. The result is inhabitants of the house get beautiful city views every time they look at the windows. The architect of Toda House is Kimihiko Otada.

Hairdressing Interior Studio Table

Hairdressing Interior Studio with A Touch of Art

This amazing hairdressing interior studio was designed by Pietro Russo. Beautiful design with a warm touch of art on every furniture and all the elements in the interior.

B&N House by A-cero Architects_5

Futuristic and Modern B&N House is Madrid, Spain

Reform a house to be a futuristic theme house is extremely challenging but it was not a big problem for A-Cero Architects. The owner of B&N house in Madrid, Spain want to reform both internal and external sides of the house to get modern futuristic property. A-Cero once again did a good job which will makes everyone amaze on the form of the residence. From the outside look, the house […]

White Residence in Australia_7

WHITE HOUSE in Queensland

When a single color is used as a concept of a house, then usually it will be combined with other colors that still have the same atmosphere. However, in a residence in Australia that takes white as the concept, we will only find white color. The homeowner might use different materials in the house like glass, stainless steel, rugs and many others, but the all come in white. Outside and […]

Yellow Kitchen by Micro Zanini_2

Yellow Kitchen Combined with White and Black

Micro Zanini combines yellow, white and black to create a fresh kitchen design. The kitchen set is called Vetronica. Vetronica comes with a simple freshness, smooth, bright and attractive appearance. Not only the design that highlighted by the designer, but also the functionality and ergonomic concept is one of the other advantages of this kitchen. White on the walls and a dining table, yellow on the cabinets and black on […]

Modern Natural Home Design_4

A Fresh Home with Fine Combination of Modern and Natural Design

A home which is designed by Maurizio Giovanni is definitely distinguished by its look and styles. This is because this home has perfectly combined the natural and contemporary look at the same time. The living room is made to be very simple with some minimalist sofa that makes the living room looks contemporarily elegant. Besides the natural touch of this living room comes from the parquet wooden floor which is […]