Daniel Ballou Chair_3

Steel Framed Lift Chairs: A Versatile Chair

Steel framed lift chairs are best suited for house, garden, conference and meeting halls, churches, educational institutions, and hotels. Once you have those versatile chairs it can be difficult to part with them, but oftentimes, for medical reasons, the chairs have to go. That is because it can be quite difficult to stand up without help if you have a muscular illness are mobility challenged and are an older adult.

Shoe Cabinet by Yordan Atanasov_2

Shoe Cabinet by Yordan Atanasov

Great idea is come from Bulgarian designer Yordan Atanasov. The idea is to provide a place for shoes and the box and then stacking them neatly become a small shelf. These small shelf (in this case “shoe box”) will united to be a shoe cabinet as a whole. The designer said : Shoe Cabinet made of shoe boxes…OK, just a part of it. People finish the design themselves by adding […]

Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities_1

Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities from Bruna Rapisarda

Bilbao series is bathroom vanities designed by Bruna Rapisarda. This is a wall mounted vanities that are manufactured for Regia. Many color options are available for you to be able to easily adjust to the bathroom decor. Ranging from modern colors, natural, feminine or elegant.

An Oasis in a sandstorm_7

Breaking the Habit Bathroom by Gemelli Design

Gemelli Design reminds us that bathroom does not have to look as conventional as we used to see. With the conventional concept we usually find, we almost forget that there isn’t any limitation for bathroom design. The creative Bulgarian twin Branimira Ivanova and Desislava Ivanova made two interesting and habit-breaking bathroom concept. Their first concept is entitled as An Oasis in a sandstorm. The concept of the deco is actually […]

Thermosaurus by Art. Lebedev Studio_1

Unique Tyrannosaurus Skeleton-Shaped Radiator

This unique radiator was designed by Art. Lebedev Studio, as shown in the picture above, the radiator has design resembles one of Tyrannosaurus family. This is very interesting since the Tyrannosaurus skeleton detail really paid attention, ranging from skull, ribs, tail bones, spine until legs. Remarkably, in addition to providing unique great design, this radiotar is also energy-saving and efficient way to make your room feel warm. With this radiator, […]

Shelter Residence by Architect Pedro Useche_2

Full of Art Shelter Residence of Architect Pedro Useche

A shelter residence is popular around the have society today like a shelter residence in Brazil below. It’s very popular because these kinds of people are very busy and have a lot of business. They need to have a little time to enjoy luxurious time in their hideaway without traveling to other far countries. You can see beautiful shelter residence in Brazil which is created and owned by Pedro Useche.

Face Shelving_4

Red Fun Bookshelf for Cheerful Face

Alexi McCarthy has created a shelving unit for a book with a cheerful face. Set the book on this shelf and make a facial expressions in the mouth and head, make the book as teeth and hair. This design is simple design but really clever, I liked the color chosen.

HIPPO Chair by Vasiliy Butenko_1

HIPPO Chair by Vasiliy Butenko

Designer Vasiliy Butenko has sent us images of HIPPO Chair. From the designer: The chair’s soft and volumetric shape and size combine beautifully to create clear lines that enhance the attention to design. The volume just below the seat lines suggests an added padding and tremendous comfort. It is easy to see that the shape is reminiscent of kid’s cartoons. The world famous “Kinder Surprise”, collection of toys was the […]

2 Bar House by Feldman Architecture_4

Modern Young Family House in San Francisco Bay Area, California | 2 Bar House by Feldman Architecture

This modern house is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California and was designed by Feldman Architecture. The concept of this house was intended as residence for young couples with one or two children. As shown in the picture above, the architect tried to meet the needs of space for family get together, activities and play both inside and outside. The deck on the upper level provides a special […]

The Spa House by Metropolis Design_8

Relaxing Spa House at Cape Town

It is undeniable that having vacation is sometimes quite exhausting for many of us. The busy or delayed flights we have to get through, tiring traveling from one to another train stations or airports, and there are many other things that may simply ruin our excitements along the way. Luckily, there are some places where you can get not only joy but also some relaxing time to recover us from […]