Ballon Lamp by CrousCalogero_2

Balloon Lamp with Flying Effect on The Sky

This creative design was designed by CrousCalogero for lighting company Estiluz. The idea is to make a shade for the light bulb with a balloon shaped installed on a wall or roof, of course, as far as possible to disguise the installation to get flying effect for the balloon. Material used for shade is satinated polyethylene, translucent material to hide the energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs. There is no switch for […]

Corner Reading Area_1

Corner Reading Area Featuring Round Window Bookcase

This interesting corner is part of the urban cabin in Sao Paoplo, Brazil, designed by Brazilian designer Fabio Galeazzo. This corner is a reading area featuring round window bookcase, artistic recliner, round rugs, hammocks, chandeliers, wooden floors and colorful wall paint. As shown in the picture above, unconventional decor makes this reading area has a uniqueness that adds a nice aesthetic to all elements in the room. This is a […]

Wall Decals for Kids Room by Walltat_22

Wall Decals for Kids Room

From the best companies that concentrate on wall decals, Walltat. This is the wall decals that you must plug in on every room of your children.

Barcode Villa by MVRDV_4

Modern Square Barcode House in Munich, Germany | Barcode Villa by MVRDV

Exterior and interior design is having no limitation nowadays. One of the architects that show that there is no limitation on exterior and interior creation is MVRDV. This Dutch designing company has always created the controversial and creative design and this time, they managed to make Barcode Vila that is located in a suburb area in Munich, Germany. The design is inspired by a little warehouse that cannot be without […]

Black Side Tables_2

Matte Black Side Tables : Pi & Up

Designed by Marc Th. van der Voorn, Pi & Up are 2 matte black side tables that was created for Odesi. These minimalist modern tables have the same style and function, but Up has a wider tabletop, while Pi is smaller but is equipped with a magazine holder on its legs, the legs is serves as a shelf for newspapers or magazines.

Toblerone Residence by Studio MK27_9

Simple Natural Sao Paulo Toblerone Residence

Simple and modern house usually will not put natural into the design. But we can see the beautiful inspiring house design by Studio MK27 which created combination of modern architecture with natural elements wonderfully. The result is The Toblerone Residence in Sao Paulo Brazil. Actually The Toblerone House has been short-listed in “Villa” category. The name Toblerone is chosen because of the shape of the house. This innovative design concept […]

Double Bay House by Level Orange Architects_6

Minimalist Double Bay House in Australia

Having minimalist theme house is not about following contemporary trend only. It is about personality and character of the owner. One of good looking minimalist house is Double Bay House in Australia. This house is so modern yet simple. Double bay House is design by Level Orange Architects. Their team was created modern house that fit with the owner’s requirements.

Oups lamps by Nathalie Bernollin_1

Oups Lamps for Unique DIY Lamps Inspirations

There are so many ways we can do to make our home looks attractive and unique. Some people are perhaps boring with the classic home design and needs to find some other home decorating ideas which are impressive and extraordinarily interesting. Most homeowners fail to create impressive home interior just because they don’t have enough budget to decorate their home interior but this is actually can’t be the reason since […]

Dot Bed by Leonardo Rossano_2

The Unique yet Modern Dot Bed by Leonardo Rossano

Why a bed should comes in square shape? The dot bed is made by Leonardo Rossano. The bed is simple, modern yet comfortable. This bed comes in round shape. It has orbital shelf that can be moved. The shelf is a multifunction shelf. It can be used as a shelf on the bed to put an alarm, glass and many others. The shelf comes in white color with rounded edge. […]

Sonia Kids Bathroom Decor_5

The Most Attractive Kids Bathroom Decor to Raise the Curiosity

This is the dream of every kids, this is not a play area, but a bathrooms that are decorated with very attractive. This bathroom was designed by incorporating a combination between the bathroom and educational products. Although, the funny looks and vibrant colors are still be the main concepts, – all stuff are selected to attract kids attention and raise their curiosity. The overall decor of this Sonia’s brand was […]