Loft 24-7 by Fernanda Marques_2

Loft 24-7, Home Without Wall and Roof to Enjoy Sunny Day in Brazil

Loft 24-7 is a house located in São Paulo, Brazil and is built on an area of ​​2.700 sq. ft. The concept of the house is a house that blends with nature, blending here is completely intact, even as though we can not tell if we are in the home or outside the home. To realize this concept, the architect did not bring the walls and roof. And for rooms […]

Modern House in Nanking_1

Modern House in Nanking

Located in the mountainous area between shady trees, this modern house was designed by AZL architects and precisely located in Nanking, China. The house functioned as a private residence, the house is dominated by white color on the exterior. More detail, as shown in the figure, the arch on each side is a unique impression to be conveyed by the architect, and it has been beautifying the house as a […]

Living Rooms Design by Ammie Kim_9

Great Lighting on Contemporary Living Room

Design living room inspiration with contemporary style below is comes from a talented designer Ammie Kim. From some pictures below, we really like the lighting style presented by the designer, floor lamp at the corners of the room, wall lamps and table lamps, all are placed in the right proportions. Decorating Kitchen and Living Room Synchronically Which Ikea are you? Cuisine-Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room or BedroomWhite Home Paint Become […]

1 Sauder Heritage Hill Open Bookcase

14 Bookcase / Bookshelf for Book Lovers

Bookcase is one of the furniture that must have for those who love to read. This book shelves not only serves to keep the book, but also as furniture that can beautify the room. Choose a bookshelf with a simple style that is practical and has a decorative value. Bookshelves should also be a place of efficient storage of books. And if until now you are still confused to choose […]

Ushanki Shelf-Lamp_3

Bookshelf by Decorkuznetsov Studio

Designed by Decorkuznetsov Studio, this is Ushanki Shelf-Lamp. Consists of three sizes, each representing a family member, father, mother and son. This bookshelf are also equipped with lights as the lighting, so it can be a little helpful while in the dark conditions. The shape is attractive as a wide-open mouth with four legs as a buffer. Bookend for More Neatly and Fun Book ArrangementReal Jaguar Bookshelf: Be Decorative ElementCorner […]

Nexus Residence by Johnsen-Scmaling Architects_6

Nexus Residence, a Compact House with Two Main Building

The Nexus Residence can be a good inspiration of a compact house for small and young family because this contemporary building is created beautifully by Johnsen-Scmaling Architects. This is the latest creation of this team and already successfully contested local preservation ordinance. This house occupies small area 2,000 square foot in University Heights in Madison, Wisconsin. Cave Structure House Inspired by Flinstones CartoonsThe Luxurious Modern House with Classy Porcelain Floor […]

6 Designs-2-Go 2-Tier Swivel TV Stand

10 Television Stands, Cheap and Contemporary to Choose

One thing that seems to have electronics can bet there is a TV in every home. Unlike a refrigerator that can be directly placed on the floor, laying of the television requires a special, common or other no longer what we often call the tv rack or tv stands. Low Rocking Chair with Black and Red ColorEden Dressing Room Furniture for Feminine Room DecorReal Jaguar Bookshelf: Be Decorative ElementImpromptu Shelving […]

Venice Beach House by Lewin Wertheimer Architect_7

The Warm Modern Venice Beach House by Lewin Wertheimer Architect

Venice Beach is the perfect location for a vacation and villa. Lewin Wertheimer Architect, created the modern yet beautiful 3100 square foot residence in Venice beach, California. The location is just several blocks away from the Marina del Rey and Abbot Kiney Blvd. The house has an open downstairs with two garages, 3 upstairs bedrooms, 3 ½ bathrooms, guest house or studio and some others. Completed with 5000 square foot […]

Blooming Spark Chandelier

The Blooming Spark I, an Amazingly Fabulous Chandelier

Tsai & Yoshikawa’s chandelier can certainly a perfect option for anyone who wants to have a fabulous interior decorative at home. This Blooming Spark I chandelier is designed by Hsiao-Chi Tsai and Kimiya Yoshikawa and can be see in the Vessel Gallery. This beautiful chandelier was first launched during Superdesign premier design and art exhibition in 2011 which was set in London. The chandelier was designed with alien botany which […]

Ikea Orgel Table Lamp

Ikea Table Lamp with Paper Shade | Orgel Table Lamp

If Ikea Orgel Floor Lamp is a floor lamp version, then, Ikea also provides a series of Orgel for table lamps, the Ikea Orgel Table Lamp. The lampshade is still used as a floor lamp version, it is made from beautiful handmade papers, it is also able to produce a soothing and gentle light. The size of this table lamp is 22 “high and 6″ wide. Finally, if you are […]