Furniture from MobilFresno_14

Minimalist Living Room and Modern Furniture from MobilFresno

Sleek and minimal look for modern house is the current trend for the last decade. The idea is how to make clearness look house. Some minimalist houses are designed too plain with only using one or two dominant colors. And if you are planning to have minimalism design house or apartment, it is important to choose the right furniture to match with the theme and makes the house interior look […]

Pieces Rock Chair by Fredrik Färg

Low Rocking Chair with Black and Red Color

This rocking chair is consist of five pieces parts that we can raft itself easily without tools. As shown at the picture above, this rocking chair is dominated by black color and combined with red color on the cushion. In terms of color, we feel that combination is very precise, while for the shape, the traditional concept is very pronounced. Overall the chair that was designed by Fredrik Färg and […]

Maritimo House by Seferin Arquitectura_8

Brick and Wood for Contemporary Rustic Feel House | Maritimo House by Seferin Arquitectura

This house is located in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil and was designed by Seferin Arquitectura. This house was designed combines rustic elements and contemporary styles, as shown in the picture above, the house is divided into two main buildings, a two story linear brick volume and a ground level glazed block. The main material used by the architects are brick, wood and cement, all material is used for both […]

Thermosaurus by Art. Lebedev Studio_1

Unique Tyrannosaurus Skeleton-Shaped Radiator

This unique radiator was designed by Art. Lebedev Studio, as shown in the picture above, the radiator has design resembles one of Tyrannosaurus family. This is very interesting since the Tyrannosaurus skeleton detail really paid attention, ranging from skull, ribs, tail bones, spine until legs. Remarkably, in addition to providing unique great design, this radiotar is also energy-saving and efficient way to make your room feel warm. With this radiator, […]

Bathroom Design by Kohler_4

The Inspiring Modern Eclectic Bathroom Design by Kohler

Kohler is a very familiar name in the bathroom and interior industry and we are totally in love with their design on Tresham bathroom suite. The modern bathroom does not come in the sleek simple design, but it comes with an inspiration from classic Americana style. Most of the modern bathroom is filled by built-in furniture. Since this bathroom is taking eclectic style, then we won’t be able to find […]


Minimalist Two Level Apartment in Poland by AJOT Design Studio

Stay in small space two levels apartment sometimes makes the owner confused with the room setting. If change the room setting is a daunting task, probably this modern two level apartment in Poland can be an inspiration. This small two levels apartment looks so stylish and modern. It was designed by architect Tomasz Jasinski of AJOT Design Studio.

House in Las Rozas, Madrid by A-Cero_2

Luxury Modern House Featuring 2 Jacuzzi and 2 Swimming Pools in Las Rozas, Madrid by A-Cero

This modern luxury house was designed by A-cero Architects and located in Las Rozas, Madrid. The architect designed this modern house with a combination of art and modern architectural styles. The house consists of three main buildings; basement, ground floor and first floor, the main features of the house with a surface building area of ​​762.47 m2 is 2 swimming pools and 2 jacuzzi. These luxury features seem adapted to […]

Living walls - Greenwalls from Greenworks_8

Brings living walls into the home with Greenwalls from Greenworks

Bring the freshness of nature into the home can be done with a variety of ways, put a pot with fresh flowers in the corner or hanging pots with greenery. But there is one way that would make you interested, greenwalls, turn on the walls of your room with fresh greenery. Greenwalls is produced by Greenworks, Swedish designs company that produces and market functional furniture that help you to bring […]

Fusion Table_2

Fusion Table : Dining Table + Pool Table

The Fusion Table is a table that was designed with two functions, as a dining table and pool table. Separate the top of the table ( pieces of wood ) and hide the chair under the table, then you can play pool.

Casa G2G by Cristina Vargas Arquictectura_2

Extremely Modern Home Created by Cristina Vargas Arquictectura

Cristina Vargas Arquitectura has successfully created a fashionable and elegant home which is located in Tacuri, Nayon. The house comes in minimalist and modern design that looks very exclusive. This house comes in a large size of about 2.085 m2 and has two front sides that connect the house to the main street. One front side measuring 38 m and the other one is about 51 m.