Undoboy Wall Decals_5

More Live on your wall with Undoboy Wall Decals

This is a fun wall decals, the character of each image is able to turn your walls, making it more colorful, fresh and not boring. Ref: Undoboy

Sway Rocking Chair by Markus Krauss_1

12 Rocking Chairs + Lounge Chairs and Easy Tips How to Choose Its

Selects a chair as needed is a must. First of all in choosing a chair is: you must determine the function and purpose of the chair that will be selected, whether it’s office chair, lounge chair and for outdoor uses or indoor uses. This time we will give you a few tips how to choose a chair to relax at home. From many different types of chairs, lounge chair and […]

House S by Atlelier Heiss Architects_9

The Homey Contemporary House by Atlelier Heiss Architects

House S that can be found in Vienna, Austria was designed by Atlelier Heiss Architects. The concept of the house is contemporary house and unlike other houses that usually give a little bit of classic touch, this house is filled with all contemporary accents. The dream house is having no classic touch at all. Even though there isn’t any classic touch, but this house does not feel arrogant or cold. […]

Butterflies Girls Bedroom Decor Themes_5

10 Butterflies Girls Bedroom Decor

What theme idea that you’re thinking to design a girl bedroom for your daughter. If the idea is all about butterflies, then here are 10 images most appropriate to add to your creations in decorating your daughter’s bedroom. 10 images below is all about butterflies, ranging from wall decorations, furniture with butterfly accessories, blankets, bedsheets to curtains.

Oak Furniture_1

What Does Your Bookcase Say About You?

We all love oak furniture, for it is one of the most natural, traditional and beautiful materials that we can have in our homes. Once upon a time, oak was used and owned only by the select few who could afford it, but today it can be enjoyed by just about anyone. They say that oak is the wisest of all trees and it is one that has been celebrated […]

Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary Furniture for Contemporary Bathroom

image by Bigstockphoto Choose contemporary style to bathroom decor can be a different choice. What we need is a variety of decorating inspiration, we can get through a magazine or other reference sources such as blogs or websites. Like other room decorating, furniture plays an important role to be successful decorating the bathroom. Then how do we have to choose contemporary furniture for bathroom decor with contemporary style. Before that, […]

Bird Apartment by Nendo_2

78 Rooms Bird House in Komoro Forest

This bird house is not just a bird house as usual, is more properly called a luxury apartment for birds. This bird apartment was designed by Nendo in the Komoro city forest. The apartment consisting of 78 “rooms” in the form of small squares that make up a building. Uniquely, the apartment is divided into two sides, one side for the birds and the rooms on the other side for […]

lighting for kitchen

Best Lighting for Kitchen : 15 Inspirational Ideas

Our kitchen is probably one of the sections in our home that rarely being accessed by our guests. However it doesn’t mean that it’s not necessary for us to decorate our home to make it far more impressive. Actually we don’t need to buy expensive kitchen decorative just to make our kitchen looks fashionable since we can create an elegant and stylish look for our kitchen by simply installing the […]

White Home Interior Decor With Decorative Elements_1

White Home Paint Become More Attractive

Who says that white walls color is boring? Jordi Vayedra really knows how to turn the boring white walls into fresh and lovable atmosphere. The main key how to turn it into the nice interior is by adding some colors to make a complete make over. The effects are really dramatic. Say goodbye to the unfriendly and boring atmosphere. The colorful decorating elements could transform the entire look of the […]

Hopper Bucket Chair_3

Classy Vintage Chair for Home and Office

Hopper Bucket Chair can be a perfect chair to be set for home or for office. We know that there are many chair models available in the market but choosing the hopper bucket chair is highly recommended for both comfort and aesthetic reason. The hopper bucket chair has no armrests but anyone can still feel comfortable sitting in this chair since it has very soft cushion. Our neck can also […]