Cocoon Shelving System_1

Cocoon Unique Customizable Shelving System

Designed by Ideal Form Team, this unique shelving system allows us to customize the arrangement of the shelves as needed. Simplicity of its design is the power to display a robust design, beautiful and charming. Called Cocoon, this rack system will certainly be able to adapt to any interior design, with multiple choice style, material texture, shape and customizable nature.

Office furniture workspaces by Minerba_10

Office Chairs and Workspaces Furniture from Manerba

Designed by Manerba, below are Millerighe, an operative desks, office furniture, office equipment system, furniture for workspaces including office chair and others. Description from Manerba : A range of operative desks created to match the needs of shape and harmonious furnishing with simple design. Millerighe reaches a natural balance between the strenght of frames, in steel and aluminum, and the simple shapes of writing tops. A range of operative desks […]

Skirt and Rock House by MCK Architecture_9

The Skirt and Rock House: the Blend of Modern and Natural Aspect in a House

Modern home is usually identical with arrogant and cold home. However, as we all know, being modern does not have to be so cold. Modern style is actually very flexible due to its simplicity. It can be combined with feminine, young, casual style and many others. One of the examples of the best blend is the blend between modern style and the beauty of the nature. It can be seen […]

Kitchen by Toncelli_1

The Sophisticated Kitchen Countertop with Built-in Samsung Galaxy Tablet by Toncelli

We are now living in the world where everything is almost possible with the help of the technology. When people said that the future is now, the expression is completely true. Remember when we were teens and watched movies with features that we know now as video call? In the past, such thing looked impossible, but nowadays, we use such impossible thing in our everyday life. The technology keeps making […]

Pasinetti House renovation by Design Plus Construction_6

1958 House Renovation in Beverly Hills, California

This is proof that the house from the year 1958 still could well be renovated into a beautiful and cozy house. Originally designed by the Mid-Century architect Haralamb Georgescu, Pasinetti house in Beverly Hills, California has bought by the real estate developer Tim Braseth of Willow Glen Partners and has renovated by architects at Design Plus Construction. Take a look.

KKC House by no.555_5

House in Japan with Miniature Golf Course Feature

This house is located in Japan and was designed by Kanagawa base architecture no.555. The house divided into two main buildings with white paint in elongated box shape. In the middle, which divides the two sides of the house, there is a miniature golf course, …this is the most interesting feature of this house. Moreover on either side of the golf course placed a big glass wall, we think this […]

Disco-Volante by Simon Colabufalo_1

Charming Coffee Table at DesignEX 2012 Sydney

Looks like a candy, fun and colorful mushrooms on. Disco-Volante coffee table is a coffee table that was introduced in DesignEX 2012 by Simon Colabufalo. Fun interior for people who like charming and vibrant atmosphere is very appropriate to have this table.

Pagoda Floor Lamp_6

Pagoda Floor Lamp by Lucrecia Moribunda

Gunnar Stansson send us the other types of lamps collection from designer Lucrecia Moribunda. Here is the Pagoda Floor Lamp. Description : Again utilizing modern ceramic dishes from the depths of the cupboard I have fashioned a grandiose, ever extending, seven tiered floor lamp profusely immersed in suede floral at every juncture; the piece intrepidly stretches upward bearing similitude to some decorative tower residing in the the Englischer Garten jostling […]

Tree House Designs by Baumraum_2

Tree House Designs: Something Stunning

Tree house designs have the affinity that is perhaps by reason of the nostalgic feelings at what time we get when we come across something as surprising as The King Frogs. Whether you had a tree dwelling or not growing up as a teen, you can have what you want at some point or another for the period of your lives. Besides, you can also customize any tree house that […]

herb plant pot

Kitchen Herb Plant Pot

Lets decor our kitchen with something fresh and alive. Freshness of the kitchen will make the room feel more refreshed. Meal will also feel fresh. Then what is the most appropriate decorative elements to bring that freshness… Hmm how about this herb pot. From Sagaform, this cute pot is able to sustain three fresh plant at once, place on the corner of the kitchen table, and feel … fresh …