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Villa Design » The Luxurious $5 Million West Indian Viceroy Villas

The Luxurious $5 Million West Indian Viceroy Villas

February 12, 2016 By: Category: Villa Design

West Indian Viceroy Villas is one of the most perfect examples of beachfront luxury. The villa is located right in the northern side of Queen’s Leeward in British West Indies. The villa shows premium architectural value. Located in 35 acres land, the villas is offering unlimited beach view from the inside. Being in the villa, we will be able to enjoy the rejuvenating Caribbean beach. Having the Atlantic Oceans as a background of the room is a valuable thing that cannot be replaced with money.
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Mesh Table Lamp Suited for Black and White Theme Decor

February 11, 2016 By: Category: Furniture, Lighting

Designed by Japanese designer Hiroomi Tahara, this table lamp has artistic taste for both of material and the light produced. This is Mesh, a table lamp with a shade that is formed by a circular mesh. If we look at the picture above, this table lamp seems less suited to be our friends ​​while we reading, it is more appropriate if we make it as a decorative element in the room with black and white theme, modern minimalist or we place it on the bedside table as the illumination when we sleep.
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Inspiring Corner Whirlpool Shower from Teuco

February 11, 2016 By: Category: Bathtubs

Combining bathtub and shower is a common thing. For us who are having small apartment or home, the combination becomes a mandatory one. However, if we combine them, it does not mean that we will only make our bathroom a common plain bathroom. The corner whirlpool shower combo from Teuco can be an inspiration. The designer serves a very unique, fresh and clean corner whirlpool shower that will make the bathroom look so elegant yet unique.
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Modern and Simple Design House O Sports in Mie, Japan

February 10, 2016 By: Category: Japanese House Style, Modern House Designs

Modern Japan Home

First time looking at the house, I wonder why this modern and unique house choose O as the name. Whether I don’t see any O form or shape outside or inside the residence of House O. It’s more like trapezoid form for me. House O is a unique house located in Mie, Japan. House O is designed by a Japanese architect from Studio Stands Architects in Nagoya.
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Book Mountain Library underneath Unique Pyramid in Spijkenisse, Dutch

February 10, 2016 By: Category: Library Interior Design

Book Library

If you are a bookworm and planning to go to Dutch in the future, you need to visit a unique book mountain library in Spijkenisse, Dutch. The book mountain actually is a name that given to a unique library in Spijkenisse. This unique library is located in a market square area. What makes this library special is the form of the library which is manifesting itself like a pyramid.
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Two Story House with Modern Interior and Smart Glazed Entrances in Germany

February 09, 2016 By: Category: House Picture

Two Story House

Archibald Buro Architectural Studio in Germany has designed a warm and elegant home in Schwielowsee, Potsdam in Germany. This home has two stories and is dominated with solid wood which is made in contemporary design. There are door glass, smart entrances designed, a modern interior and huge glass window that allows us to see the elegant look of the home interior.
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Newport Expandable Bar Cabinet for Classy Look

February 09, 2016 By: Category: Cabinets

A bar cabinet is more than a cabinet to store the wine, liquor and its accessories, but it holds an important role in an interior design. The cabinet size is quite big and it is the part of the whole furniture in a room, so we have to pay attention to the cabinet design carefully before we buy one. Of course, we should adjust the cabinet design with the whole interior design and other furniture.
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Hideaway Vacation House at Krk Island, Croatia

February 08, 2016 By: Category: House Picture

Vacation Home

Anyone would certainly experience a perfect vacation when they stay at the Contemporary Island Vacation Home in Adriatic Sea on Krk Island. This home is created with minimalist design and fully decorated with the finest indoor and outdoor home decoration and accessories. There’s a huge swimming pool which are made to be very simple and flat that makes the swimming pool looks wider. There are some long chairs are set on the patio at the pool side for sunbathing.
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16 Shoes Store Interior from Simple Minimalist to Modern Luxury Designs

February 08, 2016 By: Category: Store Design

Shoes Store Interior

The most important thing in designing the interior of the shoe store is how we showcase a shoes collection, in this case is how we arrange the shoes shelves or a place to display as interesting as possible. Next is how we determine the overall design of the room, what is the most appropriate theme, it all depends on what kind of shoes we sell and the most targeted consumers. All related to one to another, there are even some cases particular brand of shoe requires interior theme has been determined.

Here we chose 16 inspiring shoe store interior theme that we hope will represent a design that you will realize.
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Child Beds at Once as Playground Area

February 08, 2016 By: Category: Kids Bedroom Ideas

Available at CedarWorks, the Rhapsody Beds offers more than just a bed, even this function more as a playground area.

Overall the beds offers a comfy beds, slider, toys storage and of course children’s decorations.

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