Key Hole House by EASTERN Design Office_5

House with Minimalist Keyhole Facade Shape in Kyoto, Japan

The Key Hole Home in Kyoto, Japan can also be the inspiration to create a simple home. The main reason why this home is called the Key Hole Home is because this home has up-side down-L-shaped windows surrounded the main entrance door. These unique windows will clearly looks like a keyhole especially at night when the lights at the interior illuminate the windows from the inside so we can clearly […]

House by Cocoon Architecten_9

Single Family House in Belgium by Cocoon Architecten

This single family house is located in Genk, Belgium, it’s situated in farm surrounding with peaceful green grass around the house. Designed by Belgian studio Cocoon Architecten, the house consists of two main buildings, one of which is the expansion with black metal panels and glass wall on the front side.

Japanese Tea house by KS Architects_5

3 Unique shape house from Japanese architects

Japanese architecture, the works that gives strength to the tradition, discipline, the curve on perfection, every corner is a space to work. 3 house by Japanese architect below has a unique shape, use tradition as a creative idea and limitations of space as a strength. Check these out. First, the Live Work Home by Katsutoshi Sasaki in Nikko, Tochigi Japan. Has unique shape that can be seen from side. It’s […]

Diesel Social Kitchen by Scavolini_3

The Natural Industrial Kitchen Concept by Scavolini

Leaving the common concept of the conventional kitchen design, a kitchen designed by Scavolini at an event, EuroCucina is offering us a different form of comfort in a kitchen. The Diesel Social Kitchen is leaving the kitchen concept that is usually bright and feminine. On the other side, the kitchen is designed in darker tone with industrial touch, but in comfortable atmosphere for social need. The designer made the kitchen […]

KKC House by no.555_10

House in Japan with Miniature Golf Course Feature

This house is located in Japan and was designed by Kanagawa base architecture no.555. The house divided into two main buildings with white paint in elongated box shape. In the middle, which divides the two sides of the house, there is a miniature golf course, …this is the most interesting feature of this house. Moreover on either side of the golf course placed a big glass wall, we think this […]

Disco-Volante by Simon Colabufalo_3

Charming Coffee Table at DesignEX 2012 Sydney

Looks like a candy, fun and colorful mushrooms on. Disco-Volante coffee table is a coffee table that was introduced in DesignEX 2012 by Simon Colabufalo. Fun interior for people who like charming and vibrant atmosphere is very appropriate to have this table.

Firewinder wind-powered Outdoor Lighting from Ecotopia_2

Which outdoor lighting ideas that you like?

Decorate a beautiful backyard with LED lighting or other lighting. Make your neighbors have never tired of looking into your home. Which outdoor lighting ideas that you like? image courtesy of Antonangeli Ref: trendir

House Sold for Happy Family

Home or Apartment in Berlin? Learn Before You Decide It

photo by bigstockphoto Buying a new home for our family sometimes be a tricky thing, and even more complicated if this is a second home while we have new family members and we need a bigger space, – of course we should spend much more funds. Many considerations we must take to make us and our family smile when occupy to the new dwelling. The first thing of course the […]

Swing Chair by Patricia Urquiola_1

Swing Chair for Outdoor

Hanging out with friends and family on the porch with the warm weather, hmm … . I think there would be more fun if we have a set of furniture to accommodate them with comfort. But if one day we need the solitude, the Swing Chair from Patricia Urquiola is apt to be your friend.

Beautiful Bedroom Design_10

10 Inspirational Charming Bedroom Ideas

If the charming look, beautiful, elegant, is a must have in your bedroom, then some bedroom design ideas below will be greatly inspire you. You will see the other side of the charming decoration in addition to the classic elements. Just take a look!