Bicycle Parking Store

The New Style to the Bike Park

Now you no longer need to find parking for your bike during lunch, or just looking for a fresh breeze in the park during recess. With Pit In, this amazing innovation lets you parking the bike and then also you have to sit in front of the table – your destination for lunch, or spend time in the park -, ​​using your bike as the seat and the Pit In […]

Het Gooi Villa_11

Het Gooi Asymmetric Contemporary Villa by Dick van Gameren Architects

Villa 4.0 is certainly a perfect home to live since it’s made with an amazing home design both at the interior and exterior as well. This home is located in Het Gooi in Amsterdam and is designed by Dick van Gameren Architect. The main theme of this home design is contemporary and modern lifestyle. The contemporary look can be viewed outside the home where Villa 4.0 has simple yards or […]

Drawers Cabinet Furniture _1

Storage 3 Drawers Cabinet by Joong Ho Choi

No one surely wants to have a messy home since it makes our home so ugly. For some homes that already have storage space perhaps the homeowners won’t have the problems to keep their belongings but for anyone who has a small home that doesn’t have a storage space then using the storage units can be the best alternative. Some homeowners mostly don’t really pay attention to the design the […]

Elmar Kitchen_1

Inspirational Kitchen Designs by Ludovica+ Roberto Palomba

Kitchen is just like other part of room in our house, so we are free to make design the kitchen based on our creativity. Kitchen is often considered the most conventional part of the house because it is used to cook and not all of the guests are invited to the room except they are close friends or families. Kitchen can actually become a playground for our creativity because kitchen […]

Barra Funda II by Kwartet Arquitetura_17

Modern and Warm Apartment Design by Kwartet Arquitetura

If we want to see how a contemporary design can be so warm and inspiring, then we can check an apartment design called as Barra Funda II apartment that is designed by Kwartet Arquitetura. The apartment can be found in a residential area in Sao Paulo. Brazil, the basic structure of this apartment is well-designed already, so there isn’t any heavy construction change made. The apartment belongs to a small […]

Popomo Micro House - Tumbleweed Home_7

Road-Home Inspiration for Travelers

Many people like to travel with bringing their home and properties to provide comfortable trip. If you also interested with this idea, probably 172 square feet Popomo Micro House from Tumbleweed Home can be an inspiration. Actually Popomo Micro House is a tiny house that allows the owner travel around the world with his house and lives a minimalist life.

Portique Armchair_2

Swing Armchair Remind Us to a Classic Swing

Portique Armchair is a fun swinging chair designed by Florent Coirier. The design remind us to our childhood memories when we played a swing on the backyard. Material used is a metal tubular frame as a supports to a couple of polyester ropes attached to a classic wooden swing seat. Different from the rocking chair, Portique Armchair can only be played with a gentle motion, forward or backward. But at […]

Kids Bedroom by Arredissima_2

Modern Minimalist Kids Bedroom with Smart Storage Systems

Designed by Arredissima, below are child’s bedroom design with a modern minimalist concept combined with bright colors and clean lines. All designs are consider to the effects of growing children, you do not need to worry because all of these design are designed by the best designers. Things that most caught our attention is where the drawers, wardrobes and shelves are utilize to create smart storage systems.

Undoboy Wall Decals_2

More Live on your wall with Undoboy Wall Decals

This is a fun wall decals, the character of each image is able to turn your walls, making it more colorful, fresh and not boring. Ref: Undoboy

Lounger Chair by Jaime Hayón_3

12 Rocking Chairs + Lounge Chairs and Easy Tips How to Choose Its

Selects a chair as needed is a must. First of all in choosing a chair is: you must determine the function and purpose of the chair that will be selected, whether it’s office chair, lounge chair and for outdoor uses or indoor uses. This time we will give you a few tips how to choose a chair to relax at home. From many different types of chairs, lounge chair and […]