Dado Lamp by Julian Appelius_3

Modern Suspended Lamps by Julian Appelius

Dado is a suspended lamp designed by Julian Appelius for Pulpo. The shape is a cube that hangs on one of the corners. The designer presents two different size measuring 15 by 15 centimeters and 22 by 22 centimeters. The lamps comes with several color options to choose from such as green, gold, red, black and white. While the material used is powder-coated steel plate and acrylic glass. In totality, […]

Supadupa Sofa by Alexander Lotersztain_2

3 easy steps that must be considered before buying a sofa – 42 sofa include

Some time ago we discussed about how to decorate living room with sofa as its center. This time we will give you 3 easy steps how to choose a good sofa according to our needs. The impact of this sofa election will determine how we designing the room, if not exactly in choosing a sofa, then as a consequence, the room became uncomfortable, and looks do not match with the […]

Bookworm by Atelier 010_3

Curved Shape Bookcase by Atelier 010

Designed by Atelier 010, this is a bookcase with a curved shape and has beautiful design, not rigid so you can make as well as decorative elements in your living room. Bookworm is designed in such a way that each part has a function that supports one another. The main function of the bookcase, the books fill cavities circular arches, while the exact middle is a seat for you to […]

Khayangan Estate Bali_2

Private Villa for Your Vacation More Memorable

Bali, paradise island for tourists offering outstanding natural charms, the earthy nature, beaches and sunshine. What to look for when we first got there, of course, temporary shelters. If the hotel is your choice, then we recommend to look for villas with full facilities for your vacation. Try to see what is on offer by the Khayangan Estate. This luxury private villa located on the southern-most tip of Bali’s Bukit […]

Glass Pendant Lamps by Prandina_1

Exclusive Hanging Pendant Lamps at Light & Building 2012 Fair

Decorating a home maybe it’s an easy job since anyone can do it but decorating the home properly using the right indoor decorative is definitely not an easy job. It takes skills to fit and match the indoor decorative with the home decor. It also takes skills to match the home decorative with the right theme brought into the home. Mostly homeowners would think that they may create a better […]

Il gigante poco da bologna lamp_6

Il Gigante Poco Da Bologna Lamp by Lucrecia Moribunda

Once again, Gunnar Stansson has sent us images of charming and artistic lamp design, a lamp from designer Lucrecia Moribunda, Il Gigante Poco Da Bologna Lamp. Description from the designer : In my latest RE-endeavor, I have raised eight columns of up cycled crystal vases and applied winding gilded leaves to each, eight columns of two totaling sixteen. The embellishments are set atop a myriad of diversely textured floral, from […]

Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet

24 Simple Minimalist Kitchen Design

Kitchen with modern minimalist become a choice of many young mothers. In addition to the simple design, modern minimalist kitchen concept has the impression of a more orderly, neat and attractive. Below are 24 examples of minimalist kitchen design, all designed under the design of the SCIC from Italy. We can take the idea of laying ordinances furniture, kitchen decoration, furniture selection, kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances, and even we can […]

Kids Bathroom by Ponte Giulio_4

The Inspiring Kid’s Bathroom by Ponte Giulio

Kids are no longer kids for so long. Therefore, as parents, we need to make sure that our kids enjoy their moment and make it one of the best moments in their life. Creating a comfortable yet attractive environment is one thing we have to do to make them enjoy their childhood. If we are thinking about creating kids bathroom and make it their favorite bathroom, then bathroom designs from […]

Small Interior First Level

Small Room Interior Decoration

This is an example of the use of every corner in a small room to be more useful, but we will still be comfortable to inhabit. This apartment interior was designed by 3XA. 3XA managed to take advantage of all the room becomes more functional. narrow room becomes more useful, but still not possible comfort in the activity. This is the interior design for small spaces, we can make an […]

Hirozakari Sake Brewery Kunihiko Matsuba_14

Hirozakari Sake Brewery Site for Art and Culture Exhibition

Changing a simple home to be an art events center is not an easy thing. However, the warm atmosphere of a home is actually a great capital to create a comfortable art events center. This is what the architect is going to do, turning the Nakajono-machi, Guma Prefecture, Hirozakari Sake Brewery into a facility for various events. Nakajono-machi is an active participant in various art and culture events like Nakajono […]