T House by Marc Topilsky_3

Israel’s 3 Levels Home Designs in Tel Aviv by Marc Topilsky

The T House in Tel Aviv, Israel can perhaps be your reference if you’re looking for a 3 levels home design. This home is designed by Marc Topilsky. This home is definitely a family home with very prestigious touch. This home has a swimming pool which is surrounded by a green lawn.

Modern minimalist kitchen

Futuristic Off-Set Counter Tops Cubello Kitchen

Modern kitchen will be look minimalist and functional. It usually available in minimalist shape and looks futuristic. Simple minimalistic kitchen that can inspire modern people like you is Cubello Kitchen. This is cubism theme kitchen which designed by famous Egyptian kitchen manufacturer Amr Helmy. The kitchen shape is inspired from the cubic game. For you who used to cook in traditional kitchen, the design will not impress you at all. […]

Nendo Collection by Bisazza Bagno_3

Nendo Collection: Minimalist Bathroom Furniture

These minimalist bathroom furniture collection is designed by using the Larch wood material, if you know this wood, can be sure you can already imagine the warmth and elegance of natural shades of gold finish. Presented in minimalist design, light and clean, this charming collection are ready to create a modern contemporary bathroom with a calm nuances and a little touch of Japanese style. Designed by Japanese design studio Nendo […]

Fresh Kitchen Ideas from Lago_2

Fresh Kitchen Ideas for healthy meals every day

This is a creative kitchen design, fun, fresh, healthy and that will certainly make you more happy to linger in the kitchen. Fresh ideas from Lago. image courtesy of Lago  

Kitchen Designs_15

32 Elegant Kitchen Designs

There are plenty choices of kitchen designs that we can apply on our kitchen. If you’re a person who wants to find the right kitchen designs then following article hopefully can help you. Of course you need to measure the space for your kitchen in advance so you’ll know how to design the kitchen properly.

Squaring Bookshelf by Sehoon Lee_3

The Magical Beauty of Squaring Movable Bookshelf

Sheehon Lee is the person who must take the responsible for the unique and stylish Squaring Movable Bookshelf. The Squaring Movable Bookshelf is designed to be very minimalist and perfectly simple but it looks amazing anyway. The bookshelf is basically made with natural finishing so it can be applied in any interior designs.

Store Interior by A-Cero_4

Futuristic Black and White Store Interior in Madrid

Designed with a special by architect firm A-Cero, these store interior is dominated by amazing black and white colors. That special impression is displayed on the selection of unique and artistic furniture and interior design with soft colors. More detail, the walls are highlighted with a futuristic look and blends with the white staircase that connect each floor. The other corner, unique furniture with matching black and white color adorn […]

The 727 Forest Street Residence by 3BY Architecture_2

Modern Residence Offer Healthy Living in Colorado, USA | The 727 Forest Street Residence by 3BY Architecture

This house was built on the ​​3900sf area and located in Denver, Colorado, USA. The house was designed to follow the modern interior style and a contemporary touch on the exterior. The architects 3BY Architecture studio designing the house to be compatible with the sensitive surroundings while setting a new benchmark for contemporary design, user friendly and environment sensitive. As shown in the picture above, this modern house has two […]

WisdomTree Bookshelf

Bookshelf Tree Inspired by Growth of A Plant

This is WisdomTree bookshelf that was designed by Jordi Milà. The design is inspired by growth of a plant, where the books here is a fruit and the other part is a tree that sustains the book as science, fruit full of benefits.

Hair Salon Interior

Modern Hair Salon Interior with White Chair and Table

This is an example of the hair salon interior design with a modern theme but keep it simple, easy to apply, artistic, charming, and has a beautiful lighting system. Chairs and tables have been in black and white combined with dark-colored flooring. Another section looks natural in wood color, of course, gives a fresh impression among black and white color. This is the interior of Petra Mechurova Hair Salon.