Canopy Bed Sets_1

23 Canopy Bed Sets with Tent

This is what you need to accompany your time during the summer, the outdoor canopy bed. We picked 23 canopy bed that is equipped with modular tent on it. Get peace of summer, good weather, spent the sabbatical with the peace atmosphere through these canopy beds.

Bike Rack

Bookbike, Hanging Bike Racks Plus Shelf for Accessories

Bike racks as well as shelf for bike accessories, it can all be found in Bookbike designed by Italian design studio BYografia. Now we do not have to worry anymore misplaced our cycling accessories, because we can find it right next to the bike. Bookbike was designed as a shelf which is divided into two parts, the first part is where we can put the bike, put it up and […]

Romantic Dining Room

Romantic Dining Room Ideas Plus Furniture and Decorative Elements

Decorating the dining room with romantic theme becomes a necessity when we want to serve food for special people or special moments. Inspiration not only about how we decorate the room in general, but as a whole must pay attention to every element, from furniture, accessories, lighting, to the type of food will be served. This course will be a difficult task if we do not experience in decorating a […]

Feldbalz House by Gus Wustemann_9

Glass Wall Feldbalz House with Beautiful View of Lake Zurich

Sometimes a modern and beautiful house have minimalism interior which also supported with sleek look just like the Feldbalz house by Gus Wustemann below. The house is designed with three different zones and to capture beautiful view from the surroundings of Lake Zurich, the architect use glasses as the wall. The idea is how to make beautiful surrounding landscape become a huge part of the residence’s architecture design.

Strathwood Gibranta Bench_2

The Stylish Garden Bench for Better Gardening Looks

Creating attractive and comfortable indoor decoration is definitely as important as creating attractive outdoor decoration. There are so many things we can use to decorate both our home indoor and outdoor. However when choosing the outdoor home decoration we’re advised to choose the ones with higher durability and more resistant towards the extreme temperatures. The same thing if we would like to select the right type of furniture for our […]

Chandlo Dessing Table_3

Chandlo the Best Home Interior Decorative to Make Your Home Looks More Elegant

Choosing the Chandlo as part of your home interior can surely be the right choice since Chandlo is designed to be minimalist and of course it looks elegant too. Chandlo actually means the moon shape this I why all Chandlo is made to be simply rounded. There are many places at home you can place this Chandlo at since it’s not only perfect if you place it in your living […]

BonBon Cupboard_2

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet Called BonBon Cupboard

Cute design from Hiroshi Kawano Design, but if we unite with the bathroom design as a whole, it has become the most captivating element. It is BonBon Cupboard, a wall mounted cabinet system inspired by Europe’s traditional sweets.

MYDNA by Joel Escalona_1

DNA Bookcase Inspired by Joel Escalona

This contemporary bookcase designed by Joel Escalona, the concept was inspired by the grooves of DNA, the design is gorgeous, stylish and is also large enough to serve as a room divider. Designer call this shelf as MYDNA. You can visit Joel Escalona website for more details.

Under Shelf Wrap Rack

Smart Kitchen Organize To Store Under The Shelf

There are times when we need to wrap our food. For example: food that you want to keep in refrigerator, your child food, and food for traveling. Wrap the food is good to keep the taste, vitamins, and keep it stay clean. Usually my mom purchases different brands of food wrappers because it offers discounts and whatever. If you want to make your food wrapper stay organized in one place, […]

Rotating Floor Lamp_2

Rotating Floor Lamp for Simplicity

Lamp is an important element in interior design. Not only is it important due to its ambiance, but also its shape. Lamp can be said as one of the room decoration. Even though the lamp is switched off, it can still become a room decoration. There are various types of lamp, but one of the decorative lamps that work perfectly as small and large room decoration is floor lamp.