Beach House Design by Metropolis_3

Minimalist Beach House Design in Palabaritas Beach, Lima, Peru

We certainly feel so much exciting to have our own beach house since we may have the chance to surf on the beach and get tanned on the sea shore anytime we want. Most people who have beach house commonly make their homes appear with tropical look with tropical trees and accessories and it can be quite boring. Actually we can create a minimalist design for our beach house and [...]

Bookshelf House_2

Hanging Wall Bookshelf from Ferm Living

All homeowners definitely want to have a home which is comfortable and also stylish as well. This is the reason why the homeowners would search for the ideas to choose the right type of home decorative to make the home looks much better. Actually the homeowners don’t have to spend so much money to buy expensive indoor decorative like big urns, shinny ceiling fans and many more which are very [...]

Decorative art bar interior design by Hosoya Schaefer Architects 6

Decorative Art Bar Interior Design by Hosoya Schaefer Architects

Designed by Hosoya Schaefer Architects, this is a decorative art bar interior with a very attractive design, designed with artistic patterns with the pattern of Japanese-style cartoon characters as wallpaper. Annan is a new Japanese Noogle Bar in Wolfsburg. Description from the architect is after the jump.

Staircase Design_7

Staircases For Home

There are many styles of staircases that we can install in our home to make our home looks better. We can choose the traditional staircase style which comes with carvings on the handgrips and usually this style of staircase is made from solid and strong wood for the safety and aesthetic look reason. This staircase style is perfect for all homes that also come in traditional and classic models. However [...]

Clair Floor Lamp by Giuseppe Viganò_1

Artistic Floor Lamp from Italian Designer

This floor lamp was designed by Italian designer Giuseppe Vigano, called Clair Floor Lamp. The basic shape that want to highlighted from this lamp is an artistic design with graphic symbols taken from nature.

Kitchen Designs_1

32 Elegant Kitchen Designs

There are plenty choices of kitchen designs that we can apply on our kitchen. If you’re a person who wants to find the right kitchen designs then following article hopefully can help you. Of course you need to measure the space for your kitchen in advance so you’ll know how to design the kitchen properly.

Campus Cafe Interior Design by Garcia Tamjidi 4

Campus Cafe Interior Design by Garcia Tamjidi

Located in San Francisco, California, this campus cafe interior design was designed by Garcia Tamjidi.

An Oasis in a sandstorm_6

Breaking the Habit Bathroom by Gemelli Design

Gemelli Design reminds us that bathroom does not have to look as conventional as we used to see. With the conventional concept we usually find, we almost forget that there isn’t any limitation for bathroom design. The creative Bulgarian twin Branimira Ivanova and Desislava Ivanova made two interesting and habit-breaking bathroom concept. Their first concept is entitled as An Oasis in a sandstorm. The concept of the deco is actually [...]

Natural Kitchen Theme_4

Creating a Natural Kitchen Design from a Contemporary Styled Kitchen

There are many home designing ideas that we can choose. Of course we need to choose the one that match with our fashion tastes and budgets too. Most homeowners commonly tend to create a contemporary home design while some other people prefer the home with natural look. It won’t be a bad idea if we combine both the natural and contemporary design like the one introduced by Minacciolo that has [...]

Private Rocker Chair_2

Unique Private Rocker Chair to Give More Privacy in Your Room

It is important to have a little privacy at home. Probably that is the reason why Private Rocker Chair is designed. Although we live in apartment or large house, sometimes we need more privacy when we read or work on something with laptop or computer tablet. Private Rocker Chair is designed by student of Cranbrook Academy of Art: Kyle Fleet featuring Herman Miller.