2 Bar House by Feldman Architecture_4

Modern Young Family House in San Francisco Bay Area, California | 2 Bar House by Feldman Architecture

This modern house is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California and was designed by Feldman Architecture. The concept of this house was intended as residence for young couples with one or two children. As shown in the picture above, the architect tried to meet the needs of space for family get together, activities and play both inside and outside. The deck on the upper level provides a special [...]

West Indian Viceroy Villas_7

The Luxurious $5 Million West Indian Viceroy Villas

West Indian Viceroy Villas is one of the most perfect examples of beachfront luxury. The villa is located right in the northern side of Queen’s Leeward in British West Indies. The villa shows premium architectural value. Located in 35 acres land, the villas is offering unlimited beach view from the inside. Being in the villa, we will be able to enjoy the rejuvenating Caribbean beach. Having the Atlantic Oceans as [...]

Korea House

House Built On Irregular Land by IROJE KHM Architects in South Korea

Actually the site at Sungnam, Gyeounggi-do Korea isn’t a perfect place to build a home since it’s has irregular land. However the Iroje KHM Architectucts has created a magic that makes it possible to build a home in such land. This home is made to be unique and constructed in the extraordinary way that balances the natural site. Although this home looks very unique however it’s architecturally very complicated too [...]

Matsuki Residence by HEAD Architecture and Design_1

Hongkong : Uniting 2 Apartment and Each Room Interior for Comfortable Space

Uniting two apartments into one is not a simple task to do. One of best examples of unification of two apartments is Matsuki residence. Located in the Discovery Bay area of Hong Kong, HEAD architecture and Design have been built an open space within these to united apartment. The apartment still looks stylish and sophisticated. It is clear that the designers have considered various things before uniting these two apartments. [...]

Jaguar Bookshelf

Real Jaguar Bookshelf: Be Decorative Element

You must be rich, pretty crazy and likes weird things to be able to follow this crazy joke. Yes, seen at the picture above, an real old Jag converted into a bookshelf. Heavier parts of the car are separated then the car is positioning as shown at the image and the roof removed to put the book down. Poor people might say, they are a freak! So, are you brave [...]

Modern Natural Home Design_7

A Fresh Home with Fine Combination of Modern and Natural Design

A home which is designed by Maurizio Giovanni is definitely distinguished by its look and styles. This is because this home has perfectly combined the natural and contemporary look at the same time. The living room is made to be very simple with some minimalist sofa that makes the living room looks contemporarily elegant. Besides the natural touch of this living room comes from the parquet wooden floor which is [...]

Asian Apartment Interior by Wu Chengxian_8

Asian Styles Apartment Interior by Wu Chengxian

This Asian style apartment interior is designed by Wu Chengxian. It was designed with a perfect combination of western and eastern contemporary style. The apartment interior is basically dominated in bright colors such as white and cream that creates spacious look.

Oaklands Residence by Nico Van Der Meulen Architect_1

Redesigned Oaklands Residence at South Africa

Redesigned Oaklands residence is a big project done by Nico Van Der Meulen Architect team which actually is an old residence built in the Cape Town, South Africa. Basically, this 1950’s residence has large space with flat roof that represent the classic and old fashioned look. The architect team has planned and redesigned the whole interior and exterior part of this residence especially on the parent building. This parent building [...]

Henna Bathroom Curtain

Asian Lily and Romance Floral Bathroom Curtain

Asian Lily Curtain This holiday is the right time for anyone who wants to do a little home improvement. Holiday is the best time because usually people have more time to do a small research about decoration ideas, decoration stuffs, and how to save money on home decoration. If you want to save money, buy home improvement stuffs via online perhaps can be one good idea. For some people, especially [...]

Capsule Seating Collection by Deadgood_3

Upholstered Sofa Seating Collection inspired by Capsule Shape

Designed by Dan Ziglam and Elliot Brook for Deadgood, below are seating collection with the main material made of upholstered. This collection has a unique shape such as a capsule with a colorful button that is deliberately arranged irregularly. The shape of this seating is inspired by a simple capsule shape and the designers give the named to this seating collection “Capsule”. Design, material and shape make this collection is [...]